Saba's beauty extends below the waterline into an exciting marine environment rich in corals and active with fish life.
A busy population of colorful tropical fish as well as large groupers and jacks live around Saba.

Lava tunnels and hot springs remind divers of the dramatic volcanic beginnings of the island.
The small leeward side hosts gentle, medium depth, spur and groove formations.
Along the edge of Saba's sheer wall dives, divers can sight turtles and rays of all shapes and sizes.

Since the island is so small, dive boats can reach all sites within minutes.


Snorkeling one of the colorful reefs or exploring the terrain on foot, each turn presents you with one postcard view after another.
Leave all your preconceived ideas of a Caribbean vacation at home because on Saba, everything is perfectly different.
In only five square miles, experience a dramatic range of topography from rugged cactus strewn seacoasts to lush rainforest.
The island's plunging coastline is considered a blessing for divers and snorkelers.
The absence of beaches (apart from the beach on the Cove Bay) equates to 28 moored dive sights accessible by short boat rides or hiking trails.

Saba Marine Park

In 1987, a marine park was established with permanent moorings, regulations of use and maintenance and a strong conservation attitude.
At that time there were still few divers visiting Saba.
The result is controlled diver impact and undamaged reef life, a powerful appreciation by locals and divers together of this pristine environment.

So complimented by this tremendous effort, the Dutch navy donated a four person recompression chamber, now backed up by volunteers from all the dive shops.
All dive operations abide by the rules of the park and benefit from their ongoing research and education.
Weekly slide shows are given to entertain and inform divers of Saba's special marine life.

Saba's Marine Park has received several honors and remains the only park of its kind in the worlds to be completely self-sufficient in its operation.

The park is situated around the entire island and includes the waters and seabed from the highwater mark down to a depth of 200 feet, as well as offshore seamounts.
A zoning system is applied to get the best possible compromise between different uses of the marine environment.

Park Features

Saba is a dormant volcano that rises steeply from the ocean. Depths of a 1000 feet and over are found within half a mile from shore.
The nearshore environs offer some very interesting and extremely varied diving, while the offshore dives will leave you absolutely speechless.


Saba Divers and Scout's Place Dive-Hotel

Barbara & Wolfgang Tooten
P.O. Box 543
Saba, Netherlands Antilles

Tel.: ++ 599 / 416-2740
Fax: ++ 599 / 416-2741

New! "Nitrox for free" program launched! Check out the "Nitrox for free" website or email us for more information.

Saba Divers & Scout's Place Hotel is the only all-in-one resort on Saba and the right place for your personalized dive vacation.
It is specially designed from divers for divers.

We operate our own professional dive center at Fort Bay, equipped with all convinience for our divers, like a shaddy relaxation area, fresh water shower and many more.
As well you find a fully equipped dive shop with Nitrox fill station, rinse tanks, storage area, maintanance room, rental equipment and everything else you might need.

We are the only licenced, European Dive Center on Saba and run two custom designed dive boats in the Saba Marine Park.
Both boats are 30-36ft long and fully equipped with safety equipment, tank racks, dive platform and other useful features.
Our professional dive instructors are well-trained, professional and multi lingual.
We can reach all of Saba's beautiful dive sites within a few minutes and our safety record is perfect.
We dive and organize with heart and soul and we are experienced enough to know what divers need and want (the same we want when we go on a dive vacation):
good dives, well organized, perfect service, nice people, a lot of fun and diving until the tank is empty!

We offer dive & stay packages for reasonable prices. Check it out!
For more information, including rates and packages please visit our website:


Sea Saba Dive Center

Lynn Costenaro and John Magor
PO Box 598
Saba, Netherlands Antilles

Telephone: 599-416-2246
toll free USA: 1-800-883-SABA
Fax: 599-416-2362

Since 1985, the Sea Saba name is synonymous with a first-class diving operation.
Whether you're a newly certified diver or a seasoned photographer, our enthusiastic, all-instructor crew assures a safe, professional and fun diving experience.

Sea Saba's 40-foot (13m) boats are ideal for Saba's diving conditions.
Though built for 25, we max each boat at just 10 divers.
Two boats allow us to schedule dives to suit individual needs without compromise.
Add, Nitrox @ only $59/week unlimited.

But, we think a great dive trip is about more than just great diving...
let us help you plan a special trip to Saba with a variety of dive packages from luxury hotels to eco-style retreats and private cottages.

Enjoy our comprehensive website with Nature News, Sea & Learn updates and much more. You'll see why we say "Dive the Sea Saba Difference".
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Saba Deep Dive Center

Tony and Cheri Waterfield
P.O. Box 22
Fort Bay
Saba, Netherlands Antilles

Telephone: 011-599-416-3347
Toll Free U.S.A: 1-866-416-3347
Fax: 011-599-416-3397

Saba Deep Dive Center was established in 1981, as the island's first "dive shop".
Many years of experience and good diving later, our tradition of personalized service and enjoyment of sharing the natural beauty of Saba, both above and below the surface, continues.

If you have never been to this part of the Caribbean before, you are in for a real treat. The crew at Saba Deep Dive Center specializes in personalized service.
That is why Tony, Cheri, "Big Mike", Bob and Evan -- take the time to get to know you -- before we go underwater!

We will do everything we can to provide you, with the best dives that can be had here in Saba:
three dives minimum, everyday of the year;
small groups so everyone gets the attention they want or need;
short boat rides to the dive sites, and, since we return to the harbor between the morning and afternoon dives, the surface intervals can be done sitting in the shade,
tanning in the sun or relaxing in our restaurant, In Two Deep.

Want to get certified, or take an advance course?
Our staff of NAUI and PADI Instructors love to dive and also love to teach;
you can learn how to dive or how to dive better - and have a lot of fun doing it!
We will be happy to help you plan your dive trip/vacation, make reservations at the hotel or cottage of your choice, have a friendly, island taxi driver meet you when you arrive, point you in the right direction around the island, and, of course, take you diving.

For more information, including rates and packages please visit our website: