This is the first and incomplete list with all information that can be usefull to understand the SABAGR)-initiative and to work within the framework of it.
For questions and remarks please contact by Email 24 september 2012 This presentation has been placed on top of the list to get a first overview of  agriculture on Saba, Organoponics and the SABAGRO-initiative. All other documents have been placed corresponding theitime of publication or production. A study Capability map of Saba.jpg A map from 1951-1952 without any value for decisionmaking as has been made clear in the comments at the bottom of this document A study with no quality at all, because he apparently never went further than The Bottom and did not know anything about all the farmland and all plantations above Windwardside, Hell’s Gate /Zions Hill etc. A study OF SABA.pdf Description of the history of Saba incl. remarks about agriculture. Remarks about agriculture can be found at the following pages: 28, 32, 37-42, 56-61, 104 and 120. Statute of the first agricultural cooperation that existed until about 1998 A study  Een e-book uit 1998 gepresenteerd als internet foto-album een ppt-presentation as internet album about all the main aspects (for instance also about the soil: slide 7) a first poster Publication in the journal for all Caribbean islands: The Daily Herald. Organoponics Farm project.wmv Farm.doc A draft historical overview about the Organoponics Garden Aquaponics 2012-11-20, a private initiative by Tom van ’t Hof (former founder and manager of Saba Conservation Foundation) getting assistance from the Organoponics Garden,


The last draft of the research proposal made by Foundation Otherwise an at random selection of pictures made in 2012, also with pupils from schools the Oranoponics garden Another initiative: local artists organised a series of painting sessions in the Organoponic garden An overview of a training programme that has been developed now in 2013 far more by Otto Publication in the journal for all Caribbean islands: The Daily Herald. Students from the Comprehensive school get lessons and work every week in the Organoponics Garden. This time they participated in an excursion where they visited a farmland and listened to the expertise of one of the farmers called “Tarzan”. Publication in the journal for all Caribbean islands: The Daily Herald about this excursion. This is the first skype between Margriet Goris (Otherwise) and Gerard Straver (Science Shop) both from the University Wageningen, and Flavius Stan, director of the Social Workplace Saba and René Caderius van Veen, who had been appointed as the president of that foundation also because of his initiative SABAGRO. report Saba sustainable agriculture (foto's).pdf Official report Ministry EL&I report Saba comments-Rene.pdf Official report EL&I plus Comments from René Caderius van Veen Here some pictures of the small weekly market in both The Bottom and in Windwardside. Vegetables were collected from a number of farmers and were for sale together with products from the Organoponics garden. markets like these existed in the past and had been re-introduced by René who volunteered by collecting the products from the farmers and transporting all products with a little truck to the market every week. Everything was always sold out after a couple of hours. These are the prices used in the Organoponics garden but also in the weekly markets.  The poster for the weekly markets A second excursion for pupils this time to the farmland of “Jimmy” James Zagers and Lancelot Hassell. Stolte.jpg Of the visit of the Kingdom representant have been made several photos when he visited another department of the Foundation Social Workplace: ACE for coninuing Adult Education. One picture however had been also made when he visited the garden: here with “Jimmy” Zagers. on Saba.doc an article about agriculture on Saba in the past and present. imiges of the visit of the minister of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation (EL&I) mrs Spies. Letter Questionnaire Sabagro.doc The accompanying letter for the questionnaire. All letters have been delivered personally with the same explanation made by Flavius Stan, FSWSaba director at that time and René PRODUCTS QUESTIONNAIRE.doc All Supermarkets, all restaurants and hotels and two kitchens have received this questionnaire and almost all were completed. 2012-08-19 In order to make people from Saba aware of the fact that you can produse delicious dishes with what is growing on the island and letting it rot away, all restaurants and a lot of individuals delivered their products for a tasting event. After that we had organised an evening with first some salsa-lessons and until 1 a clock with salsa dancing. The attendance of the population was marvellous: more than 10% of the whole Saban population enjoyed the tasting and this party. This will be repeated definitely. Apart from these photos also two videos have been made. One of these is on thhe list also. Enjoy it. TASTE it!!! Banana-salsa- party 2012-08-19  When Margriet was preparing the study by Wageningen / Otherwise she had several interesting meetings. One of them was with “Mopsy”, Franklin Every, and that resulted in this article in the journal. Margriet in nimfenwoud, 2012-09- : nagenoeg de enige dag die zij vrij nam werd gebruikt om het hoogste punt van het koninkrijk te bereiken. Some photos of the start of te inventory of all available pieces of agricultural grounds, mainly existing of just pieces of 0,2 ha or a little more. The whole list will be completed by René with assistance from the kadaster in 2013. this is the same presentation as on the top of this list. On 2012-09-24 the Director general of the same minitry as miniter Spies visited us and this was the presentation about the past of agriculture, the ongoing initatives but mainly a clarification of the prohect SABAGRO. To give na impression: here three pieces of farmland. One piece has been used until 2 years ago for cattle and chicken, the others are still in production and one may get an impression how difficult it is to be a farmer on Saba. I was looking for more pictures that i made last year but for the time being, and fir getting the idea this may be already sufficient. OF THE ORGANOPONIC PROJECT OF THE FSWSaba.doc Educational programme of Organoponics garden for Comprehensive School


2013-04-04 The final research programme by students from university Wageningen within ACT Project Plan Asset mapping.doc The research programme by the first Wageningen student, Diederik Leutscher, The SABAGRO banner that is used for all markets  An initiative for developing an organisation for guaranteed quality for regional products A perfect photo that is used as a map for Saba